Don't really understand the whole accounting book stuff?

What's the deal with supplies, crafting, convoys?  I don't understand what I'm trying to accomplish there?


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Simple really, buy ingredients from the workers in the Stcokpile tab, craft said ingredients into better items in the Crafting tab, then sell said items with Convoys which yield more money than selling at a general store. I believe when I was collecting bear pelts, if I sold them at a store they would offer me around 200, but in a convoy on land I could get between 700-850 a pelt and up to 1200 if I did a convoy by sea. This is why upgrading your workers by completing Homestead missions is useful if you wish to make a lot of money. Its very useful when it comes time to purchase ship upgrades which can run the bank dry quickly!


Also you don't have to buy items and craft them into better items, you can simply just go hunting and sell the goods through a convoy and still yield a large income. I personally did this with bear pelts by killing them in the waterfall area that they "overrun" and spawn constantly at. With three maxed out convoys with upgrades I would have about 36k in 12 minutes if I had enough. But thats 42 bear pelts at one time.


Sorry for the rant, if you need further explaining I'd be glad to be of assistance.


You can actually craft some weapons instead of having to buy them.

Well you can buy weapons, and then there are special weapons that can be crafted, but they are not the same.

Actually, I was able to craft some guns that are available in the stores.

O rly? Which ones if you don't mind me asking?

I made my own duckfoot for one, after passing on it in the store.

Yea, that would be a different duckfoot pistol, the crafted one I believe is a Naval edition, but they are not the same, I have two duck foots on display in the basement.

The one in the store is listed as already obtained, and I didn't purchase it.