Don't like it

OK, so there's campers outside the lift....I work out how to flank them...BUT how come I can shoot people across the map but not two standing together? It's all wrong....I loved BF:BC2 and Vietnam. This looks sterile and boring. The spotting mechanism is messed up....


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its a beta!

still better than BF3

I know it's a beta but it's due out very, very's not going to beta the opposition....'s a beta, but  you can bet your a** the final game won't look any better on the 360 ....this is the final product minus the texture pack ....and it's still better than BF3 ....if you can afford it, get it on the next gen consoles ....ought to be pretty good

The spot button was changed to RB I think, its not messed up.

I've pre-ordered my XBOX One and Ghosts and BF4...I'm hoping the final XBOX One BF4 will be way better than this mess......

Using the RB button to spot people is just as easy. Though sometimes i do tend to bring up the friends list trying to spot people.