don't know what all the fuss is about...

I got the game for the single-player campaign, and so far i'm very happy with it. Multi-player isn't for me (I could never get the hang of FPS multiplayer, and everyone seems to se me coming and kill me before I can take a breath/ people hate me being on their team), so I can't comment on that. Also, i'm hesitant to spend the 7500 points that came with the game, worried that the store will give me a silver pack that has nothing good in it, so I can't comment on the store either Then again, without playing multiplayer, I have no way to build up more points, so I may as well give the silver pack a shot, right?


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I've changed my mindset when playing MP. I play for fun! I don't take it serious anymore like I used too. The single player has been fun. I'm enjoying it lot. I really like warzone assault for MP. reminds me of rush in battlefield.  

random teamates are never fun, unless you find a good group that are just playing to play & have fun, you wind up with whiny people that complain about you bringing down the team, I know because ive been there many times lol.....  im the bringer down of teams :D

No matter how you suck at MP keep playing its real easy to rack up points regardless of your skill set

Play for fun,  not to win.

It doesn't matter how crap you are, You bought the game you have a right to play online.

I'm not very good myself but there is always someone worse.

If it really bothers you then play free for all to get the hang of the game. If you come in last it doesn't matter as long as you had fun.

As others said you may as well give it a go. Good thing with Warzone is its not solely PvP, there's AI bosses on the map you can kill and get points for. My gripe is you don't actually seem to get rewarded that much for actually killing other players. You only get 10 points for player kill whereas some of the harder bosses get you over 100, albeit they are pretty tough.

Thanks for all the encouragement! Just one thing i'd like to know--where were you people when I was getting berated by irate teammates? lol.

Play warzone, there's a lot more to it than just killing other Spartans. Plus, defending bases is useful, so start by doing that until you're more comfortable etc. You should definitely spend the points on packs, and it doesn't take long to get enough for gold packs. That way you might be able to play with something you just find fun.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Give Warzone a try. Defend you base and take it slow. Your team will appreciate the defense, and you'll get faster/better. You'll probably be happy you put in the effort in the long run.

Good luck!

Hey Terry. Just wanted to tell you... I'm an 'old man' lol. I'm not all that great at MP [anymore] either. I originally got H5 just for SP, but the more I heard about Warzone, the more interested I became. When I heard that there were lots of other ways to earn points for your team that didn't require you to rack up enemy kills, I finally decided to give Warzone a try and I'm glad I did.

There are plenty of things you can do to earn points for your team. Help capture objectives, Kill AI bosses that randomly spawn in certain areas, of course you can kill the other team's players, but there are even AI 'Marines' that stay in the bases to help defend... that you can kill. Another cool part is that you really don't get many points for killing other players, compared to killing AI bosses.

I was actually surprised that I did as well as I did after a few games. I did better than I expected (even if it wasn't as well as I wanted lol) and I think part of the reason was the other things happening all around. Combine the chaos of vs MP with multiple objectives, AI bosses spawning, capturing points on the map... it's easy to get distracted... and easier to get opportunity kills on enemy team members that are also distracted.

Building up req points isn't as hard as I thought it would be either. It's definitely worth giving it a try. The worst that could happen is you won't like it...

BTW, I never berate my team mates... more often it's the other way around... but that's why I love the mute feature and I have zero problem using it.

You might as well open it. I truly suck at “Halo” MP and was able to rack up enough points in just two rounds of “Warzone” for a Gold pack (after having spent most of the other points beforehand). If you do plan on never playing MP, however, there’s no point in getting packs (other than the achievement). The contents will only serve you in MP, not SP.