Don't be dumb!

Anyone who invites you into a private match and then tells you that they have some sweet mods to give you for your MW2 character and then asks you for your password so they can give it to you.........don't be dumb and give it to them. This has been happening to some kids I know. One of the people who were doing it has now been caught and account banned for life. So please don't be dumb, pass it on.

P.S We will find those who hijack accounts.


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This thread made me laugh. How can you stop someone from being stupid enough to give away their account?

P.S. your friends are idiots.

there are enoough stupid people around Isaac

Only simpleminded children would fall for this scam.

No offense but if if people actually fall for it, they kind of deserve it.

[quote user="ICOMINGTOGETU"]P.S We will find those who hijack accounts.[/quote]

they are not hijacking accounts if you give them access to it.

the second you give out your passwords for "mods" you deserve everything you get.

I agree with The Blessings, they kinda deserve it if they are gonna *** others over with modz or whaatever you wanna call it. hacks, modz, whatever

This reminds me of a story that just happened this week here in town: a girl was trying to act cool in front of her friends. She saw a train was coming and was going to act all badass and jump on it as it was still moving. She jumped, slipped and fell underneath the train. She had both of her legs run over, causing them to explode essentially. She had to sit in agony for 2 hours as the train continually ran over her now stumps. She's now in a wheelchair for life. Moral of the story? If you do stupid crap, expect to deal with the consequences, both IRL and in CoD.

2 hours of a train rolling over someone's legs? You'd think they would have seperated after the 7th car or so.  I also have a funny story about the local train tracks. My sister's friend was drugged at our local bar by some people he was beefin' with. They layed him on the tracks and around 7:00AM is when it killed him. Moral of the story? Don't take your eyes off of your drink when you go to a bar.

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If you grab a tiger by the tail...................well, you get the point?