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Hey guys, I was playing domination yesterday and had, what I thought, was a good idea.


I know there are plenty of times when I will be capturing a flag only to get blown up by a grenade just before I capture.  I know it happens to everyone else as well.  So, what I was thinking is that I would like to get points while capturing the flag.


For instance, I believe you get 150 pts for a full flag capture.  Wouldn't it be nice to get 25 pts when the capture bar is 25% full, 50 for half, and so on until you get the flag and it all adds up to 150?


I think this would help those solo players with teammates that hate going for the flags (therefore have a hard time capturing it by themselves) and I think it would give people a bigger reason to go for the flag.  


What are your thoughts?  I would love to see this change, being a flag rusher, but I know it won't happen.


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NO. You get points for "CAPTURING" the flag, not "ALMOST capturing the flag.

it wouldnt happen to you if you use flak jacket durr.

Both great responses. Not to bash the OP but the idea is silly

@uneasy - you get points for "almost" killing someone don't you? Assist. Isn't this basically the same thing?

Or does he want points even if the flag isn't capped? That's a horrible idea.

Either way, I think it's fine the way it is.

Then again it might entice players to get to the flag earlier, instead of just getting there at the last second to get the whole 150 pts. Get 60 pts for capping the flag and an additional X amount of points for however long you were capping the flag for.

A good idea would be to add contracts that reward you for x amount of captures in a 40 min time period rather than kills... Make it a point and xp reward, and watch as teams play the game the way it should.

There are so many little things that would improve this gametype.  I would like "Crazy King" added.  Also change the flag locations and spawn points.  This game is so stale right now.  

All maps of Domination are the same.....Spawn, run to grenade launch point,get cheap First Bood, run to Flashbang launch point, get cheap second kill, scan all the known enemy sniper spots and noob tube them to death......etc.  I cannot justify new maps on a franchise that puts out the same stuff everytime.

And in reponse to the cannot say you hit it if you never made entry.  No points unless you cap it.

You get points for grabs in ctf .......... they dont go on the scoreboard, but you get xp, so yeah ... why not.

I had like 18 grabs one match ......... I couldnt get back to ours but kept dropping a tac insert in a room right next to the enemy flag and nobody caught on. ( I think I did get 2 caps that match) but I got a buttload of xp out of it.

But as someone else posted ......... fj pro / tac mask pro and you shouldnt have to worry so much about almosts.

I'm not so much worried about the points, I'll get them either way.  The way I see it, everyone would be entitled to get points equally, so long as they go for the flag.  I just hate being in games where I have 7 caps and 4 defends, and everyone else has one of each.  Just trying to find a way to entice other players to actually try and cap the flags.  

Im not to keen on the points for "almost".  Evryone on the flag gets the reward for being there when it's capped.  A bonus for being first on the flag and then the cap would be cool.  A perk that decreases that time necessary to cap would be an interesting addition and would get me to play more more HQ and DOM again.  Tough modes to play when everyone else is playing TDM.

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