Dolphin dive glitch....

Just played drone domination with some friends and I dolphin dived into B hit the van and caused it to blow up??


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Maybe the other team had thrown a nade/flash/stun at B?

  Was it possible the vehcle had already taken damage. Try riddling it with bullets, then diving into it .... maybe.

I know that from mw2 lol but that was due to height this was level ground into a dolphin dive XD Buddies and I then tried to recreate it in a custom game but had no luck

  Havent caused an explosion by diving yet, but I know there have been many places over the years where jumping from a roof onto a vehicle would cause it to explode.

I'll check it out later, I love it when cool/random things happen now that you can capture it easily.

squeezed that awesome dolphin dive in there tho... congrats!

apparently it is and the explosion didnt even hurt the other guy that was right next to the car way to take one for the team durva :P

dude I'm serious XD its in my player channel under "Edited films" its called "LOL"

Lol, your head is that hard?