I don't have many, but I have seen some people with some pretty sweet ones and have purposely hunted them down to get them. I thought once I got them I could then wear them? I guess that is not true. I can understand the reason for this I suppose, as some of them are rather elite and if all you had to do to get them is knife someone then what is the point in earning them right? I think that either the left or right side should be left for the ones that you have stolen and the otherside for the ones you have earned? Just a though, ehh


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I agree with you about that, but that's why I think one of the sides should be left exclusively for the ones you've taken. So people can see the caliber people you have been able to knife. Either way I guess we can look at battlelog and see, but it was just a thought. And also DAMN! 500 tanks? that is impressive! How are you killing them? On foot, C4, From the air?

I think its kills with a tank, which would be achievable by now if you use exclusively tanks and push hard

where can you view tags you have taken from enemies with their names on them?  I only see a counter that tells me how many ive taken...

a lot of the stats and stuff are now on the battlefiled battlelog, thats where you can view all of that stuff.

Where did you get that Battlefield 3 banner with all your stats?

Oh, yeah now that I read it again that seems to make more sense! haha

I dont want just anyone to wear my "Death's how I (t)roll", 500 tank kills tag. I like being special.