dog and christine

Right yall this is to the folks confused whether dog and christine turn up in lonesome road. Just my opinion but I dont think they will as dog doesn't think about the courier until news of the battle at the divide reaches his ears and Christine stays at sierra Madre as a warden, even the ghost people start to see her as a hologram (implying she stays for years or more!) but, it would be cool if they made appearances for sure =)

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you can find Father Elljahs and Christine's weapons and armour from their battles, but they are not in OWB themselves obviously.

During the epilogue of OWB I think it says he must walk (the lonesome rad) alone, so I doubt the courier will meet people who we are familiar with.

I, sadly, would have to agree with you. Nobody out there knows for sure if they will or not, but I don't think they'll be appearing in Lonesome Road.

..and I really wish they were. ;-;

Neither will show up since idealy if you think about it Old World Blues ought to be played before Dead Money, followed by Lonesome Road, followed by Honest Hearts before the final battle at Hoover Dam. I got an idea why and it might have something to do with the BOS's crashed zeppelin in the Divide, which was headed for the midwest at the time of the crash. I'll leave things at that for now.

How does this "question" keep comming up in threads? The DLCs can be played in any order so it wouldn't make sense for them to be there. You wouldn't know them if you didn't have Dead Money or played it yet. Common sense isn't so common I guess.


What he said!

Don't have to be so rude grayfox006.

I think those 2 will be in the next add on. Can't wait.

Ignorance isn't cute jerkwads

On a different note did anyone catch the end for dean domino?! im sure it said he went to vegas but i havnt seen him around since finishing dead money. wouldve been cool to 'catch up with him'. Captain Dee ignorance may not be cute but it sure is bliss, isnt it?!