Doesn't anybody just play for fun anymore ?

I find it annoying  when I log into a game and another player chases me around wanting to trade or dupe weapons. If I didn't accept your trade request the first time, it means that I don't want to trade with you already ! There is no need to follow me around trying to trade again.

Don't gamers just play these games for fun anymore ? I have only 1 legendary class weapon, and I never use it. Guess what? The game is STILL fun without it !


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Well this is Borderlands so its not surprising that's why I never play with randoms or much co-op period. You should disable trades or host your own game.

i agree with you 100% i could care less about fancy guns, duping, ect. i also find it annoying that i cant join a game without the host ending it 5 minutes later. if ever youre interested in just playing for fun feel free to let me know.

That's why i don't join much match making games i normally make my own up :)

I just play for fun. Haven't duped a single time since I got it at the midnight release.