Does Xbox One Need Some Quality, Highly Social MMO's?

I'm just wondering, whats your guys/girls opinion?

There used to be a game called Phantasy Star Universe on Xbox 360. (I doubt you heard of it) It was cancelled a few years ago now. It was a really awesome game, if you wanted to do missions and level up, you could. If you wanted to just sit around and type chat bubbles and treat the game like a chat room on steroids you could. I'll admit that game left a whole in my heart much larger than it should be. 

Anyways, do you guys think Xbox One needs to get more highly sociable MMORPGs? If so do you have any particular in mind? My choice would be Phantasy Star Online 2 (like thats ever gonna happen lol)

Secondly are they're any MMO's currently on that you think fit this description?

I've played Warframe, but haven't gotten far enough to see anyone else. I haven't play Elder Scrolls Online, I am under the impression that is isn't that social, but please correct me if I'm wrong. 

I would be interested to hear your opinions.

If you don't know MMO= Massive Multiplayer Online


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Try Neverwinter.Loads of people on that & it's free

I've actually got that and played just long enough to make a character. I didn't even play long enough to realize it was an MMO. lol I'll have to try it for real soon. Is it highly social? (as in more social than your average game) I thats the whole reason I play Live I love meeting interesting people.

There's always people chatting & fighting Dragons is social as it can't be done alone.

There's very few areas that you have to do alone

I get group invites quite often & there's nothing wrong with going up to similar levelled players & sending them a group invite as chances are you'll be doing the same quests anyway.

You'll see the odd person while in the "tutorial area" but after that you'll enter the "main hub/city" & it's full of people.

Awesome, definitely will have to check this game out further. Thanks for the info!

I tried the game and its ok, but I still think we need an MMO so social that it can be super social without doing any actuall gameplay. Don't get me wrong i'm a gamer but sometimes I just wanna chill and talk.

The problem with bring MMOs to consoles is patching. That's not me saying their aren't good MMOs on the consoles, I love Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast, but worlds as massive as MMOs need quick fixes and that's a big problem.

Microsoft verify every patch, this can take weeks. It's a good thing because it pretty much ensures that the patch is going to fix more than it breaks.

However imagine if Blizzard had to wait weeks to get a patch approved to fix the Corrupted Blood incident.

In short I think for MMOs to thrive on the One, Microsoft needs to relax its patching policy for them.

I agree agree that Microsoft should relax on its patching policy. This is next generation consoles so we should take gaming to the next level with MMOs. I wan't another Phantasy Star game so bad, they did it once, the can do it again.

I want it so so bad! lol

ESO Bro!

Microsoft should add Final Fantasy 14 & Phantasy Star Online 2 to their MMO list :p they already had FF11 & PSU on the 360, why not get FF14 & PSO2 for the Xbox One!

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