Does Turn 10 have plans to fix this broken game?

Seriously, nothings better than waiting so long to have a chance to race just for the game to fail to load the map. This is unacceptable. Most of the time I have to dashboard quit this game to make it work again. It's been like this ever since the game came out.


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Sounds like it's your console and not the game. Failure to load the map would be an issue on YOUR end most likely. Specially if you are having to exit out to the dash. If you haven't installed the game try doing that and see if it helps. If you have installed uninstall and re-install. Same as your DLC.

Blaming the game for something that might not be the games fault is just stupid.

Have you even played Forza 4? It's a universal issue. Not my console.

Sorry your having problems. You may want to install the game to your hard drive. If you have maybe remove it and reinstall???? Not sure but I know I have yet to have an issue like you are having.

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Have you even played Forza 4? It's a universal issue. Not my console.


Do you even look before replying? It's in my most recent played games. So uh yes I play Forza 4.


Doesn't matter if it's a issue a lot of people have. It could be a lot of people's xbox's. There are a lot out there. Ontop of that it can't be Universal or it would be everyone. Every single copy. And obviously this isn't the case.


So if it keeps happening I'd say it's either you xbox being fussy and or getting ready to go (which it will start happening over time to more and more games) or it's something to do with the install, the DLC install, your HDD or your physical copy of the game. Either one of these. Go play on another Xbox and see if it helps.

You guy's realize I'm referring to multiplayer races right? My Xbox and disc are fine. I can race any map whenever I want on my own time. I'm talking about the times where you're in a race lobby but everyone gets stuck on the loading screen(usually on the screen that shows the back of the nissan skyline). Everyone gets stuck and has to dashboard quit and usually only one person gets in the race. I'm 100% sure it's a server issue.

You're telling me none of you have ever seen this? Do a google search if you don't believe me.

Your're right, multiplayer hasn't worked properley since the game launched. As of yet T10 have not even acknowledged that there's even a problem.

imo the fact they've remained completely silent about it is proof enough for me that something is wrong

For a while I thought the problem was on my end but after settting everything up right on my router and making sure my nat is open I still have the problem, dont bother with the other guy, this is a huge problem affecting most players, but if the problem is not on your end, the game should throw you back to the lobby when it fails to load the race, then you can see the one person that got stuck loading forever, if you are the one loading forever and you always have to go to the dashboard, you need to check your nat and router or modem!

Last night I could only play 2 races in 2 hours, all other attemps failed to load!