Does this game On Demand have MP?

I have never bought a full game yet from Games on Demand. I did notice however that on many of the games "on demand" say on the marketplace that they have no multiplayer support. Are these typos on the market place or is there really no MP support them? I mean the majority of the games say Co op support: none / Multiplayer support: none.   


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That's wild.  That seems like a huge drawback to to buying Games on Demand.  I'm going to just throw it out there and say that this game probably does have it, but then again, I don't know for sure.  What games in particular don't have MP support through Games on Demand?

It must be a typo, because Bioshock 2 on demand does have multiplayer, and  its actually fun.

Well, there you go.

Multiplayer is awesome in this game, but dont buy it on demand, you can get a used copy for around $10.

You can get a new copy at Gamestop for $10 which isn't that bad considering I got the collectors edition the day it came out for 10 times more.

Yes, of course does the Games on Demand version have Multiplayer. It's the same as the disc version. And this is true for all Games on Demand games. They are exactly the same as the disc release. And you don't need to worry about scratched discs anymore ;) .