does the new map pack come out specifically at 12 am august 23rd?

me and my friends are bigggg zombie nerds and if the map pack releases at exactly 12 am im sure we will nerd hard and gayme all night.  i am on the east coast if that helps any time zone difference that blops may have due to its location.


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no it won't i am on the east coast also and it normally is available at 5 am

Go to bed and when you wake up Tuesday the maps should be available for download. Usually early AM, by 0600 for sure.

have you not heard they have moved the release date now, till late november.

you can usually start downloading them around 2:30 am pst

Every map pack so far has been released 10am GMT here in the UK and I'm pretty sure that's the same as 5am Eastern Time in the US as the guy above said so I'd bet that's when it will be available this time round too.

est is 430am-6am depends on when the servers have been updated through XBL. not worth the wait IMO.

Yeah well ere in UK the packs usually go live around 10 am gmt if that helps. Would prefer them at midnight like

in the morning usually :)

They never have, and they never will come out at 12am EST, it's been quite known for years now.