Does the matchmaking system try to make "fair" teams?

Before every match I check the lobbies spms and kds. 90% of matches I am on the opposing team of the top 2/3 players in the lobby. When I play with my friend I can hand pick the teams before the teams are separated. It's a running joke with my buddy. We find the 2 worst players in the lobby and let them know they are going to be on our team....and they always are.

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It does'nt work!!3 times now i've been put in lobbies against Euro Fariko guys,Just got absolutely pwned by 1 of them and his mate.He had a 3.22 K/D,mine is only 1.26,Idk why i would get put against those guys,they just go in pubs to boost their K/D's and rank up.

I know this holds true for subsequent matches based on your match scores. It will split the 2 best players, and then repeat on down the line to the worst players so that the teams are "balanced" - whether this actually works or not, I don't really know. This doesn't really apply with parties.

I just recently played in a match where no one was in a party and the team I was on had the top 3 people from the lobby leaderboard, myself being one of them. So I'm not so sure that they try to make it "fair" and if there is a party in the lobby and they're all good then you're pretty screwed.

you have a hidden "skill" level applied with your profile....

believe it or not.. its there.


And yes, it balances the lobbies as well....

My team is always me and the next 5 losers.


Its random mostly it seems. Every now and then itll do OK, but then next game itll stack a team, so....................random mostly.

It does not matter if your a good player or a bad player because in the end other team always wins.

Well coming strictly from someone with over 1000 wins in TDM playing mostly solo there is a "fairness" matchmaking system. Like a above poster stated I can call out my team each match since I am 95% of the time the top SPM in the lobby. I will almost certainly get the worst player and either the 3rd worst or the 2nd worst player in the lobby. Then it stacks the other team with mid SPM guys in the lobby and i will normally get the 3rd or 4th best person. I look at the lobby leaderboard in EVERY match while sitting waiting so this is just my observation. Have almost a 2 w/l playing solo and a vast majority of my losses have come while MVP in TDM due to this skill based matchmaking. Gets annoying after a while, it really does.

Adding to this I do see it stack teams quite often but not without some sort of penalty. If it gives me the second best player in the lobby I will normally get the bottom 3 players as well. I had a experiment I did a couple months ago where I took a couple matches and just added up everyone's SPM on each team and they actually came out with in 50 SPM of each other in two different lobbies. Didn't continue the test since I had to get off my Xbox and just never continued it. Might continue it tonight for fun though. 

Play with a full team? That's kind of on you. The game tries its best to balance the team.

I have almost 1000 ffa wins and let me tell you from experience in past cod games.  I have not tried it in bo2 but in older games especially in mw2 and bo1, if I lets say searched for a ffa match I usually would be put into a match with at least 2 or 3 people if not more of people close to my skill and the win would go back and forth.  Now lets say I would randomly join a friends match that is just starting out and they are not that good.  Well when I join that lobby I would be put up against guys that are way lower than my skill rank at least until several people left and the game started to put people in close to my skill.  So in past cods "haven't done this in years," I would go into lobby's and send f/r to random low ranking people just so I could join up in their ffa match and get easy wins.  I realized that this was cheap and haven't done this in the past 2 cod games, but you can always find ways to get wins.  

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