Does the Covenant have jokes?

I think they at least should have some sort of "driving/parking stupid" jokes =) Maybe Elites joke about Grunts and others. This bug proofs that they also have absolutely brainless drivers/pilots =)

And then comes Noble team to "repair" his/her/its broken Phantom =)


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Or....maybe they are all friendly and have quality time with each other. For example, their week could consist of:

Sunday: Game show night; where they banter and howl over which suitcase to pick in Who's line is it anyways

Monday: BBQ day/Alien pride day. Each native alien species shows off their birthplace honor by wearing their native colors and performing their planets dance.

Tuesday: Sports day. Covenant forces join to battle in a vicious game of water polo. Damn those elites look good in swim trunks. And those grunts? WOW <('o'<)(','<)

Let's just say the Covenant week consists of three days. That makes life easier.