Does Skyrim have this in it?

One of my favorite things in Oblivion was where I fought in an arena and if I won I won money does Skyrim have something like this in t


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No, no Arena in Skyrim. It may show up in future DLC. No one knows but Bethesda


I hope they release an Arena DLC :P

I'd like to see a DLC of this were were all could fight each other!

No, but theres a better way, fast travel to a dragon wall and kill the dragon take it's bones and go back to a city, fight won.

No arena, very unfortunate. But if you wanna wage war, become a Stage 3 vampire... very fun =D

IMHO Arena wasn't really that great, it got boring. Also, it's so much easier AND interesting to make money while just going around the place and looting your fallen enemies.