does Skarlet have a alt costume?

does Skarlet have a alt costume? there is nothing new to buy in the krypt. i thought beating the game with her would unlock her alt costume, but it didn't. does she have one and if so, how do i select it and/or unlock it?


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Currently no not sure if it's a glitch or they didn't include it her and cyber sub zero might be the only 2 without

maybe one will be added later on.

I figure so it be nice I enjoy options lol

There seems to be a bug because the alt. color for her 1st outfit can't even be selected by pressing "start".

However, Cyber Sub did not have an alt. costume, so her alt. might just not be out.

I have played against Skarlet, as Skarlet in arcade mode and the colours are pretty much identical. The only difference I could see (may have just been my eyes) but the CPUs Skarlets hair looked pink.

She has one. There are pictures on youtube that show it. Possible they were having compatibility problems with it and decided to release it a little later. I just wish that someone from NRS could confirm this and Boon hasnt been on twitter for several days either.