Does practicing at expert difficulty really improve your skills as an expert player?

Title says it all. Right now Im at the point where I can get a 95% average on most expert guitar songs but the terribly hard ones (Chemical Warfare, Sudden Death, Holy Wars, Black widow a la porte, etc) but when I go on youtube I see people getting above 94% to even 100% I was wondering does practicing on Hyperspeed 5 help or what?

I think im at a "Skill block" where Im pretty damn good but I could be better. Right now I play at Hyperspeed 3 and will try to up it to 4 and get used to it.

So What is the best advice you can give me on those incredibly difficult metal songs?


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I can do good on other parts of the song but the solo (can do good now). Will what i do for the solo. i go on practice. then go for the solo parts. then keep playing intel i can play them good. but im an expert player and can just about 100% some songs. also figer stretches help with your skills too.

Hyperspeed is completely mental preference, and going up doesn't really gaurantee you'll do any better.


Just play for fun buy throw some harder songs into your regular set, and just improve as generally as you can and you'll see yourself do better naturally.

Wish I had an answer, I play guitar on medium, I sing on expert. It definitely helps to sing on expert.

Practicing is Very good, But most of the time you'll forget the notes, Just keep playing the same song over and over if you don't get annoyed easily, I started playing when the first guitar hero came out, Took me a few weeks to get to expert, I play guitar in Real life as well, so Just keep playing. until you get it right, PS Don't give up, Keep going till you Finished mastering it, Good luck :P

I see drummer and singers improve. Bass improve slightly with timing. Guitar none, notes are random.

My honest opinion....

99% of the players who play on Expert SHOULD be on Medium. If you can't get 99% or 100% regularly then you need to drop down. Those who "demand" others to be on expert and pick black widow and other "try hard" songs are suffering from peer pressure and need to learn to grow up. I don't care if someone can get 95% or higher on a trash song like Dragonforce. They're try hards too. Any REAL musician will agree they're trash.

ANYTHING with music is about perfection. Learn to FC it on easy, then medium. Once you can FC the songs over and over on medium, move up to hard. Once you can do it on hard, move up to expert. The name of the game is to FC songs. Majority of the stars CAN be obtained on medium or hard. If you can't get 99% to 100% on a regular basis then MOVE DOWN a level. Don't let pride get in the way . Some additional advice, people are sick and tired of playing the same 5 or 6 songs over and over again just because try hards feel they have to "show off" that they can play the toughest songs in the game. That's why people avoid.

Not the way I see it @ all. I don't feel the need to FC anything since I play this every few weeks/months. Vast majority of players are never going to be that good, no matter what they do. I'm perfectly happy with getting 95% playing as little as I do. Your method is what I used when I first started playing the game, but I'm not into it like I was then.