Does my Drivatar drive as skilled as me when I'm offline?

Does my Drivatar drive as skilled as me when I'm offline? I'm just curious to know if it memorizes the way I drive exactly like taking notes of how I shift and turn and brake or is it just a normal AI car that just drives randomly???


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That's the proclaimed idea behind the new drivatar so, yes. I'm told mine is a "dirt bag" that wins so, it's like me. lol

It's definitely not random. The drivatar system does "take notes" on how you brake, how you turn, etc...

Does the drivatar system take that data an apply it directly to your drivatar in your friend's races? Or does it accumulate the data from all players in the system and use the total, accumulated data to power the drivatars in races? No one knows for sure.

We also need to consider that the drivatars always have TCS and ABS turned on. If you don't drive with those assists then your drivatar is instantly not driving exactly like you do. We also need to consider that each player chooses his difficulty level. If you are a top 100 driver but your friend is racing against you on the "Easy" difficulty setting - your drivatar probably isn't driving exactly like you do.

It's also my opinion (based on experience and many conversations with others) that the drivatars adjust their behavior a bit based on the way the actual player drivers. You might be the cleanest driver in the world but, if your friend is the dirtiest racer in the world and he's driving against your drivatar, there's a good chance that your drivatar is going to engage in some bumping and grinding because it's adjusting to the way your friend drives.

No one (except Turn10) knows exactly how the system works. No one needs to know exactly how it works. All we need to know is that the drivatar system is dynamic and that creates some single player experiences that far exceed the AI of past generation games.

Final questions 1) Do I get more credits if my drivatar wins races online when I'm offline? 2) Can I train my drivatar to drive perfectly like me? 3) Does it memorize my skill set on each racing track or just on how I drive all together? 4) Do I get more credits if my drivatar is in more races or do I just get more if it's in less races and wins them? 5) Does it memorize my skills according to the selected car example I will drive recklessly in my Nissan Skyline R34 and drive clean in my Honda S2000.

1) Yes.

2) Not exactly.

3) Yes, per track.  If you cut certain corners, your Drivatar will, too.

4) More for more races.

5) No.

The answer to that last question is something I find interesting. So, according to your answers IceMan, this means that James' drivatar won't drive exactly like him if he drives differently in 2 separate cars, but rather takes how he drives from both cars and averages them together per track. Weird...

Going by how drivatars used to be waaaaayyyy back in FM1 (I know, I know, they're "completely" different now), my guess would be that they learn how you drive in cars with different drivetrain layouts, and apply that knowledge accordingly.  For example, how you drive in an FF as opposed to an FR or MR.  So, its driving skills in say a VW GTI would be applicable and similar to its skills in a Fiat 500 (both FF).  Skills in a Ferrari F50 would be similar to skills in a Lamborghini Diablo (both MR), so on and so forth.

Hey Dirty, you just need to see my videos to see how your drivatar drives lol. I'm always mumbling under my breath when I see that thing show up. Which is not too often considering it's usually LEADING the pack and I'm forced to play catch up. Although I must state that I've noticed a dramatic change in the way the AI performs when pushed to the limit. For instance there are many tracks that I'm just plain terrible at driving on...but one in particular is my favorite and I tend to do very well in those races. Well the AI treats me like a nobody when I'm in any race other than that one. The minute I get into that preferred track the AI starts driving like bats out of hell to keep me from winning and from what I've seen they put up an amazing fight.

This thread made me think of other drivatar questions 1) When I race with my Honda S2000 with a Halo paint job on it does it stay on with my drivatar even if I got 3 other paint jobs with that car or does it change between those paint jobs???? 2) If I use a certain car for the event does my drivatar race in that car that I used for that event or does it use other ones that are in my garage that can be used for a certain event??? 3) Does my drivatar change cars and paint jobs on it's own depending on who it's racing???

Final questions is it possible for my drivatar to race in races I have never done before??? or do I need to finish that race before my drivatar can race on it when I'm offline???

Others might want to confirm this but I believe your drivatar races a random car for the given event. You may not even own the car your drivatar uses in a given race. So, obviously, your drivatar will not use the same car you have used for a given track. I've also noticed your drivatar will use a random paint job too. Also, I think your drivatar will only race on tracks you have raced on.

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