Does MS need to relax their stance on game mods?

With the up coming release of Skyrim, and with Todd Howard [Bethesda] stating he doesn't see why user made content can't be used on consoles, as it does work, and the only real losers are the gamers themselves, do you think MS are unnecessarily stopping their gamers from enjoying content that  PC users have enjoyed for years?


Now, I';m not advocating for the use of mods that give online players an advantage over other players, as i actually fully support MS stance on this particular type of modding, but stopping people from accessing single player, offline content just strikes me as a money grabbing exercise. 


Sony are slowly warming to the idea, after all, LBP 2 allows users to up load and share their creations and Sony are also open to Valve allowing their fans access to this sort of material too.  'Tis strange the dev's themselves - BioWare, Beth and Valve to name but 3, have no real issues with their console games being modded and as such allow console users to discuss and create content, content, that if you're found to be using will get you a lifetime ban because MS don't like the idea of people creating their own playable content.



Like i said, I fully support MS with modded content if it's being used online as to gain an advantage, but don't agree with their overall stance on the matter.


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Microsoft doesn't allow mods because they want to be the only ones to make money on new content.

For single player games I have no objection at all, mods can add a lot to a game.


There is a massive thread on the Bioware social forum about how to mod the 360 version of Mass Effect 2. You can't do as much as on the PC version, as you can't access the .ini files, but there is still a fair bit available that does nothing but cosmetic changes.


Though as DSight said, it'll never happen because Microsoft want to be the only one to make money on new stuff.

Yeah, that was the BioWare thread i was referring to.  


Take Oblivion for example, such a superior game on PC that it's like playing a completely different game to the one we play on console.  it's not because the PC is the better gaming machine, it's because there's literally over a thousand more hours worth of content for the game.

I'm all for user generated content and stuff. Look at all the amazing stuff that's been done with Valve's Source games. Custom Portal challenges, anyone? It would be great for Halo too, since someone could upload a new map, then others can tweak and alter it using Forge. Also, it would bring an end to the tyranny of $15 map packs.

There is a big difference between modding and user-created content. I'm all for user-created content such as indie games and custom levels. But I do not want any modding. Keep the cheating gamers off Xbox.

Not really,  you're just simply using schematics when there's no real reason to do so as it's obvious what I'm getting at.  For example, Oblivion has many mods - OOO being the main one and one of the most popular ones to boot.  It changes certain game dynamics which by it's very definition, is modifying what you were given by the developers.


Modding a game shouldn't and doesn't automatically = cheating.

Add to that, MS considers altering content and adding user created content to your games to be one and the same, so it's fair to discuss them under the heading 'mods'

That's one of the things I've come to enjoy in StarCraft II is mods. Of course, there are official Blizzard mods or just custom maps. Some Xbox LIVE games support custom maps. The way they've been implemented in Halo Reach is enough for me to not need DLC maps (at least for $10, maybe if they get discounted). There is one mod on SC2 that is literally a mod and supported with custom maps allows the user to play StarCraft 1 missions (with the SC1 stats) using the SC2 engine. But mod/tool kits for sp games would be nice. I wouldn't care for them too much in RPGs as that is my personal taste but for other genres it would be nice (singleplayer only of course).

As for the types of modding you are in support of, I totally agree. I can't count how many different games I wish I could be able to create my own levels for and then share with the public. Of course, some XBLA games do come with their own minimal level editors, but games like Duke 3D, Doom, and Quake, it would really further the life of those titles if people were able to use their own imagination to be creative.

User created content is going to be a big part of the future of gaming, mark my words. Either MS will learn this and adapt or they will slide to second/third place in the future console wars which will be spearheaded by John Connor's assault on Skynet.

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