Does magic armor even work?

I play a 100% Mage.  Currently Level 34.  I'm noticing more and more lately that my armor value doesnt seem to be affecting anything.  My base value is 0, so I can utilize the Mage Armor perk.  With my spell and ward my Armor Value is 230, yet doesnt seem to make any difference.  My brother sitting next to me, with less armor value on his character, a stealthy/rogue type (roughly same level), is hardly scratched by the same enemies.  I'm not sure what to think about it...  Does anyone else have any experience or input on the subject?


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Stronger enemies can still slice through the armor rating.  As a warrior, my AR is nearly 300 and I still get bashed around by the "lieutenant" type characters.  It certainly makes the game a challenge at times, which I enjoy.  Even though I'm Dragonborn, I still want a challenge when playing the game.