Does Honest Hearts DLC work as intended or is there bugs in the DLC.

Downloaded Honest Hearts today, (I usually wait with non FPS games to wait out bugs and allow me to look things up online).  According to the Fallout Wiki there is a is a "noticeable" list of bugs.  Has anyone who played this DLC recently noticed them at all? 


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I honestly have never encountered one bug in the whole game, let alone the DLC. Isn't there a patch that came out recently anyways?

I recently downloaded, and I thought it was more buggy than the actual game FROM MY experience. I encountered a lot of buggy enemies that would just sit still or jog back and forth. Then I actually got stuck in a rock trying to kill a Gecko over by the Ghost Den.

Despite that, I still enjoyed the DLC.

I had no bugs with Honest Hearts that I've noticed other than the occasional floating landscape item here and there.

So far so good. I know this is late but I was away. I got caught up in the train station but no real loss. My only blunder so far is operator error. I stepped out of the pass with Jed and the other folks only to have them all get wiped out in like the first minute. I crossed the bridge anyway to see what else was there and two guys jumped me. No sooner than they hit the dirt the quests started to fail. I don't know how many but it was a lot. I spent the next 5 hours getting the Map of the valley only to have 2 more quests fail when I had to wack Little white cloud or something.. The bummer is what happened next. It told me to get out of Zion. I leveled up twice though and well the rest is history. I'm getting a do-over... No locks or hangs or anything largely noticable so far.

I have NOT loaded Old World Blues yet.

the story of Honest Hearts is set that all the rest of your team HAVE to die, you can't save them, just kill the white legs, and loot the bodies,as you cross the bridge 1 white legs warrior attacks you, the other tribal is Follows Chalk, a good guy!!!!, DO NOT kill him, use VATS or let Follows chalk kill the white legs, then walk towards him to start getting the quests, a nice DLC, just explore and look at your pip boy for empty triangles, so you can find all locations,