does CoD MW3 multiplayer freeze as much as BF3?

For BF3 players: BF3 multiplayer is horrible because of the amount of console freezing that occurs during games. How is MW3 doing? CoD series usually fix their problems, but EA and their minions produce a game, then never look back.

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It freezes. Not that often,  but it happens.  Just the same for the hideous lag that occurs sometimes.

But thats the thing with every COD.  It's like this in the beginning.  They fix it.  Xmas it fails agian.......and they fix it again.  Vicious cycle.

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First it sounds like you came over here to gripe, because they would not listen to you on the BF3 forum.  Second ea is handeling there problems more quickly on this version.  They have alot at stake.  

Yes there are freezing issues. Its a new game engine.

never had a freeze playing BF3....nor Mw3.

I havent had any freezing issues at all maybe i'm just lucky

I haven't had BF3 freeze once during MP yet.

Strikesolution:  your assumptions are probably the reason people think you are stupid.

BF3 may seem like the game is frozen, but really everyone is just vehicle spawn camping or have proned 80% of their body into a mountain so they can snipe.  Just wait 5 minutes and eventually you will see a helicopter crash into the ground