Does blocking with a two-handed weapon raise block skill?

I wondered if I needed a shield to raise this, or if it could be done by blocking two-handed weps.


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Actually, while we're on the topic, does having perks in Block actually help you with blocking using two handed weapons?

You can raise Block with 2-handed weapons, and as far as I know, the perks help.  I've not tried it personally.

I don't know about the perks, but I have blocked with a two handed weapon, or even a one handed as long as the other hand isn't equipped with anything.

First Question - yes.


Second - The perks on the right hand side of the tree (inc the first Shield Wall, all 5 levels), Quick Reflexes, Power Bash, Deadly Bash and Disarming Bash are the only ones relevant to two-handed weapons. The left side of the tree is strictly sword & shield stuff.


Do note though when you're using your points the Two-Handed Power Attack perks are your most important IMO for two-handed weapons. Invest in Stamina and power-attack as much as you can and you'll carve it up. Blocking is still very useful and worth the points if you want to invest in them BUT prioritise on your Power Attacks.


Note also if you're gonna use the Bash perks in blocking you also need stamina.


So if you're a two-handed specialist (and I've got one) - put most of your points in stamina, some in health, and (if you need it) even less in Magic.


My bloke relies on Restoration magic for healing (don't like carrying thousands of potions) so I run a percentage of 3 (Stamina), 2 (Health) and 1 (Magic) BUT when he gets to a level high enough to do me I'll be dropping investment in Magic completely and just concentrating on Stamina, Stamina, Stamina and Health.


Go bash some brains in.

Yeah, I never use a shield and when I was two-handing all the time I got my block upto about 60+

Cool, thanks for all the feedback guys.  I like the two handed weapons more than sword and shield.  I'm actually using this on a high level character that I'm trying to raise high enough to eventually cause the Legendary dragons to spawn in Dawnguard.  The build started as a mage, then morphed into a thief, and now that I've raised most of the thief skills I'm pushing the warrior stuff.  As a general rule, when combat starts, I cast Ebony flesh to add 100 points to armor, then conjure a Dremora Lord to reduce the aggro somewhat.  That's when the carving begins.  I've been using an Ebony Greatsword enchanted with "Absorb Health 25 points" and "Magicka Damage 40 points".  I usually play on Master, and the only time it gets dicey is when I run into a room full of Draugr Deathlords.

Stamina isn't really a problem for me, as I built a bunch of heavy armor with double-enchantment stamina bonuses (raise stamina + increase stamina regen).  I couldn't run out of stamina if I tried.  I was just curious as to whether I could still block and raise that skill if I was using a two-hander.

You can raise your blocking with 2 handed weapons but I believe you can't use the blocking perks unless you have a shield..although if you have power bash and can perform the move with a sword somehow..? Never tried..good question! Too bad the giant phonebook sized guide we bought doesn't tell us this...or maybe it does..If you have the perk that slows down time while blocking and it works while you are using your sword..maybe blocking perks do work with swords...I'd try it and get back to you but I'm not at home..or else I would be playing already :(

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although if you have power bash and can perform the move with a sword somehow..? Never tried..good question!


All the Power bash Perks on the right side of the tree (Power, Deadly and Disarming) PLUS the two begginning Perks (Shield Wall - all 5 levels, and Quick Reflexes) can be used with two handed weapons. The left side of the tree - no.

Nice, so if you rank up your blocking %, it also works with your swords when blocking? Good to know.