Does ayone want to play GRFS Gurellia mode?

This is pretty fun but sadly the developers were brain dead and didn't add matchmaking for it. Does anyone want to play? This is literally the only way to find people.


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I didn't play every map, but the 3 I did, we only defend 2 spots, moved back & forth every 10 waves.  

Does that happen on every map?

I thought we'd be moving through miles of land.

I bought it for Guerilla mode, and it is great. But it's severly cripped because UBI was stupid and didn't put in match making.

I thought the mode would be better than it is, meaning I wanted large open maps & that's not what it is.  

Which is why I don't play it as much, well that & all the other games my friends are playing.

I really like GR:FS, but it fell to the wayside in a sea of games.

I thought about trying to get something together this weekend.

[quote user="IsaacClarkeSNL"]

No, it's a wave defense mode where you have to move from defensive point to defensive points defending against various enemies with shields, lmgs, snipers, choppers exct. It'sthe main reason I got the game and WHAM no match making. And selling games just causes you to loose money and it's not like I don't like the game either. It's a great co-op game. Never touched the multiplayer. I've heard it's dead now.

[/quote]Oh you mean Guerilla Mode? Actually, I feel that no matchmaking for that is fine, because it is extremely boring. What sucks is that Guerilla Mode is Splitscreen capable, but campaign is not.

I thought it was good but its biggest problem for me was having Ghost Recon in the title and not being as good as Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 as far as single player goes. Multiplayer I never got into and guerrilla mode didn't seem as interesting as the other co op modes offered in the GRAW games. Solely based on the single player I felt GRFS was worth half of the launch price.

[quote user="dragons claw69"]

Is there a time that suits people to do this then?


Anytime between 12:00 and 23:00(11pm) EST should work for me. 

@ US Revenge

Yea I know what you mean.  I did the same thing I just made sure i beat the singleplayer campaign cause I do enjoy Ghost Recond for the singleplayer for some reason.

Sounds good to me, my wife and I will have a few things do during the day but once those are done I'll message you :-)

my friend who loved the first 2 always talked about online co-op with like 16 players, I thought it would be like that, or at least have that mode.... but no either way their loss

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