does anyone still play halo 3 MM or custom games?

because i stopped playing awhile ago because i couldn't find any custom games on my friends or decent MM games...too many cheaters or quitters


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I haven't seen many cheaters in my sizable game history, but I play and don't cheat. Can't say I'd be up FOR playing, since I only play with Aussies/Kiwis except for VERY few exceptions, but I wish you luck in getting back into the game .

I would be playing multiplayer if i was still gold.  At the moment though i'm playing the campaign on legendary.  Up to the Covenant now.

I love that mission .


The Campaign is way too easy, but even though the plot wasn't amazing, the missions are truly enjoyable to play and I can keep going back to them. I don't get the same feeling with Reach, even with the fourth mission which I thought was pretty good.

It's good fun yeh, i miss playing co-op campaign as well, nothing better than doing vidmaster annual for the crack.

i down to do anything that inquires me get achivements. lady says i cant get any new games till i get almost all halo achivments done.