Does ANYONE remember the prequel to Assassin's Creed?...

I've been looking for this game since the first creed came out and had I'd known what a success Assassin's Creed would be I'd never have sold the original.  It's set in Medieval Times....same lead character with templar's, to boot.  


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overall it was a good game

Sounds exactly like Assassins Creed 1. Unless you are talking about the Thief series of video games.

There was a prequel to one of the greatest games of all time? Holy Sh*t!

The system on hitting different parts of the body corresponding to the buttons is very intriguing..

Altair's Chronicles is good for a nice mobile game. always confusing though as it came out after Assassins Creed.

So I looked up gameplay vids on the prequel. Looks decent but a little hard to think of as an assassins creed game because of it looking almost like a side scroller. Interesting nonetheless..

yup takes place directly before AC1

the prequel was Assassin's Creed: Altiar's Chronicles for the DS

just to milk it lol