Does anyone play Halo 3 custom games anymore?

Cause back in 2009-2010 I had over 100 friends that played Halo 3 and we used to get on xbox and play Halo 3 custom games... but not anymore :( they all like disappeared by that I mean they changed there gamer tags and every thing :( and I might get Halo 3 and ODST tomorrow and trade games for it. and I was thinking of hosting Halo 3 custom games every Weekend. playing infection fat kid lol and many more and I think that's a good idea. and I have a YouTube channel called ChaoticFarva and ill be doing let's plays soon. and I'm thinking of recording our custom games :) i have an HD PVR and on the 15th ill be getting an Blue Yeti Microphone. it sounds like a good idea of recording videos of halo 3 custom games. add me GT: MLG Niinja and ill let you know when custom games start.

Thanks :)


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I keep getting friend requests by people that wanna play custom games with me, but sorry I don't play halo 3 that much anymore sorry.

But maybe ill be playing Halo 3 custom games and posting them on YouTube in the future.

You can add me to your list if you would like.  I am going through a Halo 3 phase at the moment, and I also notice a lack in the custom games department.