Does anyone else think...

That there should be an option for 6 or even 9 round warzone matches in the ranked playlist? Part of Warzone's appeal in the first gears was that it was long, drawn out, and gave you time to figure out your opponents strategies. 3 rounds is too short to me because I actually prefer the longer games.


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play social and you can stick with the same people

I don't understand the rationale behind reducing Warzone and Execution to 3 round wins after making all of the weapons MORE powerful than in the previous games.

I dont like playing social though cause in my experience the community is worse in social than in ranked. I just wish that if we wanted to we could play 19 round warzone games like Gears 1 in ranked if we wanted just by tweaking a setting

Agreed, I was upset in two when their was no option to up it to ten which is what I normally played (Raven Down 19 sometimes). Five is short, but not bad why shorten it? Seven rounds should be the perfect compromise. I don't like playing Quick matches as I like playing against other people/lack of human players.