Does anyone else think..

Does anyone else think that after seeing Kenshi's trailer that NRS could definitely do a great job of re-birthing a lot of the characters most people hate? I feel like, not that they're going to, if they did Kira for example there'd prolly be a really big chance that she'd end up maybe being as **** as Kenshi's looking. 


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Naw the ones you named weren't the top favorites in MK but they are pretty up there. Sonya has always been around and everybody loved Smoke (well the robot smoke). I think Noob and Ermac were decent back in the day too but your definitely right about Stryker, never picked him before but I love him in this game.

I think so. They already did "re-birth" a handful of characters like Stryker, Sonya, Ermac, Smoke, and Noob Saibot... these guys weren't exactly the most outstanding characters and now they're actually worth picking often.

Other characters, like Sub Zero & Shang Tsung are disappointing this time around though. This is coming from a HUGE Sub Zero fan.

Same story with Ermac.

Yeah basically..


She was basically a glitch in MK2, sotra like a color palette swap for Kitana.  The fans rumored that she was an un-lockable fighter  like Smoke, and Reptile from the Original MK.


So yeah.. 

Even Skarlet? ;)

Actually all the characters confirmed for DLC, were all done by popular demand..

I think NRS has a second chance at making characters that people didnt like before better BUT whether they do it or not is another story. I think one of the reasons that Bo Ra Cho didnt make the list for the DLC because they probably couldnt find a way to make him better than what he is already. Kenshi they decided to make better and we will see about Rain and who ever the mystery character is.

I don't think so, I mean it's not really the fact most people think she isn't cool. You can give alot of the other random MK players great moves but if their not interesting then it doesn't matter. It's only maybe a handful of other fighters from MK most wouldnt mind seeing again. Me, I would only want to see Frost. But Skarlet is a great example, she hasn't been in any MK game before and people loving her (despite the bugs she came with) but they have an interest in the character way more than over half of the fighters that came after MK4.