Does anyone actually care about MW3

it's getting so tiresome


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Yes people do care.

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They do, but my opinion BFBC3 will win.

I do. Hopefully IW can keep their promises.

I for one fully support Respawn and whatever they make.  I have lost interest in any cod game since the issue at IW.  I tried to play black ops but lost interest at 6th prestige.  Due to my full time job and college classes, This fall I am looking for a game that fits into my hectic schedule.  I no-longer have time to prestige and spend vast amounts of time playing, so I like battlefield 3 for the online play, and the Elder scrolls five for that adventure fix.  

Look, call of duty, I have had some fun times playing you, but now its time to part ways.  Like everything that starts out great, it has to come to an end at some point.  Look at the medal of honor series, vegas series, and so many others that faded out of existence, its your turn cod.  

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They do, but my opinion BF3 will win.

[/quote]Fixed. The BFBC series is a spinoff. BF3 is the return to the main series. BC3 is probably a good 2 years off.


But I agree that BF3 is going to take the FPS crown this year. It looks incredible. The people playing the private Alpha build are loving it.

Little kids. My friends little brother used all of his 70 dollars he saved up in his savings account from cutting grandmas grass and he got his parents to let him stay up until 10 pm on the midnight release.

I stopped caring, but some people still care.

Well see where the latest installment takes us, as far as an EA shooter i figured i would give them a try and bought Medal of Honor, now Im not sure whether to even take a chance on a battlefield title.

stopped caring a while ago.

I am not so sure I could put the Vegas series has come to an end. There hasn't been a new one made in so long that I don't think it's dead yet. However with said, this series is still going strong as far as sales. And I am sure another Treyarch one will be made. The COD series brings big time cash and as long as it sells copies then they are still going to make it.

I am personally tired of the same ole engine and have become a huge fan of battlefield because it's more realistic. Both are going to be great games.

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