does anybody know...

how much koins it requires to unlock everything in the krypt. im just going save up my koins until i have what i need and buy everything at once. i have about 240,000 right now. thanks!


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Just keep playing. Do ladder matches on beginner and get some flawlesses plus babalities. That's an extra 1,500 koins. I had something like 350-400,000 after story mode and only unlocked a little over half the Krypt, I think.

oh shoot. so its going to take around 700,000. i thought it was only going to cost like 350,000.  dang lol

There is a hidden 20K worth of loot in the krypt, look for the green scarabs and beetles in the ground.

240k should do it.

Staring at some of the monster wall statue things on each side unlock a few more hidden koins. Just stare at each one for about 5-10 seconds and it will auto lock onto it. Dunno which ones they were though...forgot sorry. But I know for sure there's atleast one on each side.