Do your fellow Forza fan a favor.

And please buy my crappy simple design for 1000 credits so I can get the achievement. Will return the favor. Thanks guys


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Care to elaborate? I think people would like to know a little more about your design and where to purchase it if you want them to help. Just my two cents is all...

No offense, but no further elaboration is required...if you have played the game (or any Forza game since FM3), you'd understand exactly what this means and what OP is asking for.

Well I have never played Forza Motorsport series and the only one I will play is Forza Horizon, so an explanation does need to be made for me.

I will see if I can find it. I need to sell one as well

I checked and can't find any for you guys.  Make sure you uploaded the file and maybe set a keyword as your gamertag to help,  i'll buy it just message me.

@Legend - You can buy others designs by searching for keywords and/or gamertag on the design storefront, the storefront is pretty cool IMO.


To get this cheevo I just used another GT on my xbox, have got like 5, a spare always comes in handy.  To actually get the achievement you have to read a message or select something in the menu after your design has been purchased, took me a while to work it out.

Thanks for the explanation, Hellfire.


Do they have police-style liveries? If I were to type in "Police" would it bring up police-style liveries? Like fyer, I like to deck out my ride with police liveries.

There's thousands of custom designs to choose from on the storefront section, police included, or you could have a go at making your own.

I plan on doing just that: making my own Colorado PD liveries.

What's the name of it?