Do you want Forza 5?? swap Fifa 14

i managed to grab a day one edition in Tesco today but i got Forza 5 with it... anyone like to swap Forza for Fifa 14?

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yes i definatly will, how do you wanna do this?

Pm it has 2 codes    the game and the day one car pack code    hate driving games!!!!  lol

i hate football games haha, how do you want to do this, feel uneasy giving code first but i know everyone feels the same about that

I know   lol   you give me the code and i will give you the 2 i have   or i will send you the car pack code first  then you redeem it and you will see i have not used it then you send me fifa i end you Forza  via pm or xbox live message

Pm you both codes already, i'll trust you lol

I sent you both too    much appreciated!!!!