do you think nhl 2011 is the same as nhl 2012 ?

I think difference. is nhl 2011 server still working ? what do you think of the two games the same or different ?


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rosters  thats all they ever change each year I bought them anyway, YOU think EA  would get off there lazy @@@ an make it right in the first place the world Uniforms are a JOKE!  they finally got Edmonton Oilers  true Retro Jersy right, I doubt they will ever get Toronto Maple Leafs  70s Jersey,  It had white stripe on Blue down the arms much like Philly, I really liked that uniform, lol the only good thing I have to say about the leafs..

i thought it felt a little fresher but other than a little touch up here & there i don't think they did much  in the  way of innovation or ground breaking features.

here's hoping nhl 13 is a leap ahead of both the previous years.

They are all the same as goes the playable parts of the game. The only thing that changes are the upgrades.