Do you know why?

 I have a few questions...

I am not banned or suspended so I don't care about the ''Keep Cryin'' or the ''Cool Story Bro'' or any other generic textbook response.

First, why can someone get suspended for saying one thing about the Js... but hackers, modders, cheaters, and mega-laggers can play all day, every day until they completely ruin the game for everyone and never get banned no matter how many people file complaints?

Second, why does (M-word) let so many countries play Xbox Live? I'm not racist, but if your internet is not from this decade, you should just stick to PS3 instead of destroying a service we all pay for.

Third, why does Europe get Free Gold Weekends almost every other month, when we in the US are lucky to get one in a year. Europe and Australia got it on their Labor Day but for our Labor Day we didn't get anything.

Forth, why am I going to be stalked and treated like a criminal for asking these questions?

If any of you 30 year-old fanboy robots want to tell me pointless answers like the president with a teleprompter, just move along.

P.S. I have already changed my IP so corrupt employees (most employees) don't suspended me for doing nothing wrong.


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europe doesnt have that many free weekends.

Its saddening that we pay for live but ms doesn't really care about us.

i will never understand why people with such strong opinions and a need to express them to all,hide behind fake silver accounts.

Have you checked the Suspension Forums? The Enforcement Team is hard at work banning people left and right for cheating, but some people seem to forget that the cheaters far outnumber Enforcers, so of course they're not going to get them all. They deal with thousands of reports of cheating and complaints on general offenses a day.

mega laggers never heard that one before.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

mega laggers are basicly people with lag switches, it was a big issue on gears 2 im not sure if it still is.

Hating on someones bad internet connection is considered racist now, oh jeez, ACLU took the helm on this one I bet!

The answer usually ends with "the rotation of the Earth."

Who are the "J's" anyhow? Jehovah's Witnesses; Jesuits; Jihadist's?


Ah, that's the ticket! It's the Palestinians! Yeah, saying anything about the "Palestinians" will get you banned, booted, or beat just about anywhere. The "Palestinians" have thugs and "sympathizers" everywhere. You know, the "Palestinians" also own and run Hollywood and have lobbying firms in Washington, too.


It's no wonder that the "Palestinians" would bully anyone who points to the truth of their crimes and sins!


Oh, those pesky "Palestinians!"

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