Do you keep items?

When you complete the game do you get to keep your items & all the ammo? for Round 2


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Yes. When you start it you will start with what you had when you beat the game. When you reach the store everything will be there. Just have to load the completed game save so never delete or overwrite it. To top it off once you reach the store you can buy the level 6 Military suit for 99K. It offers the most armor protection and looks like a Storm Tropper.  Good way to get achievements as well.

Since you beat it check out all the cheat codes. They do not affect achievements. Two codes give you 18K and a number of power nodes (7?). Those two can only be used once per game. The other two are refill stasis and oxygen. These can be used as many times as you want. All four are good for beating the game on Impossible if you don't mind using them morally.