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 We here, at Marine Force Reconnaissance Company, are a Military Simulation / Realism unit. Ran by Captain Adkinson. We are in NO WAY affiliated with the United States Marine Corps, With the exception that we are a gaming team based off of them. This group is made up of three units.

1st Platoon - Consists of infantry and armor assets. Most will be assigned to this division.

MARSOC - Marine Special Operations Capable is only for the very best and most dedicated.

Reserves - People who ant to be part of the group but may not be able to dedicate alot of time to the unit.

It is our mission to provide a safe mature and structured place for our members. If you have any questions feel free to ask 2Lt Contreraz or Capt Adkinson. Some people ask what is the difference between a clan and a realism unit? A clan is a group of members who play games. A realism unit is a group of people with a common goal, that use tactics, team work and communication to achieve that.

What games do we support?

Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty Black Ops

Battlefield Bad Company 2
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 2
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Why should I join?

You should only join this team if you wish to be part of a brotherhood that completely destroys our enemies on the battlefield. If you would like to get an idea here is an AAR ( After Action Report) written by Sgt. O'Bryan: Keep in mind it has been edited to suit the Xbox ToU


Unit: 1st Squad, Bravo Fireteam, Charlie Fireteam, Alpha Fireteam
Operators: SGT O'Bryan, 2LT Contreraz, SGT Mangan, WO1 Kennett, LCPL Francis, LCPL Corchado, CPT Adkinson, HMC Krakosky
Time of Operation: Approximately 2200CST
Simulated or Casual: Simulated

----- Harvest Day -----
At approximately 2200, a squad of MFRC Marines was deployed into Northern Vermikut, Russia. Ordered to investigate a distress call from a U.S Army Regular's FOB, the Marines arrived via an LAV Convoy, accompanied by Abrams for escort. Lead by Captain Adkinson, the Marines discovered that Russian operatives had seized the Forward Areas previously occupied by the Army, and found the men stationed there slaughtered, and their equipment stolen. Shortly after their arrival, Russian forces responded with a swift ****, pinning down some of the Marines in their deployment. A MFRC Tank team, which had fought it's way up North, returned back to the deployment and laid waste to the opposition. After his assets had been restored, Adkinson and his second in command, 2LT Contreraz, orchestrated a swift and violent counter-offensive. Utilizing the deadly power of an Armor convoy consisting of 3 captured Russian T-90's, 2 American Abrams, a Havoc Russian attack helicopter and the legendary Apache gunship, the Marines rolled across the AO in a matter of minutes and completely destroyed the enemy presence. CPT Adkinson is currently undergoing an investigation, following an alledged report of "Excessive force/Barbaric conduct" and "Executing unarmed prisoners", he had this to say.

"If you wanted prisoners, you should have sent the Army."

----- Laguna Alta -----

Immediately following the events of the mission, "Harvest Day", the Marines were sent in to disrupt a possible Russian supply route, in a small village 130 Kilometers East of Baradistat, Russia. Code named "Nail in the Casket", the Marines arrived via a Blackhawk insertion 3 clicks from the objective, where they proceeded on foot to the staging area. A Bradley Fighting Vehicle was dropped in over-night, complimented by a few FAV's and a weapons drop. Adkinson quickly sorted his men, assigning a sniper team consisting of SGT O'Bryan and 2LT Contreraz to provide over-watch as he infiltrated the village. The first objective was a small Barn in the center of a small cluster of civilian homes. Russian security forces quickly moved to defend the strong-point, on orders to guard the weapons stashed in the Barn. The Marines assaulted with full force, destroying a few civilian homes in the process. (A necessary evil, Russian AT personnel had been using them as cover). Shortly after the advance team was slaughtered at the hands of the ruthless, Godless (edited due to a bit of appropriate profanity) of MFRC, the Russian forces responded by sending in a BMD Light-armor attack vehicle, which left the Bradley incapacitated and the Marines pinned in the village. Combined with the support mortar-fire provided by the sniper team, "Herpa-Schmerpa", friendly Engineers in the area were able to bring down the vehicle quickly, avoiding casualties. Faced with defeat and overwhelming loss of resources, the Russians retreated from the area, leaving the Marines the spoils of the day,and another successful Mission.

----- Panama Canal -----
Against orders, Captain "Slaughterhouse" Adkinson, and his squad of renegade, murderous Marines, stole a full column of armored vehicles and proceeded to a rumored area of operations for a Russian Officer. It was reported by Marine Sniper's in the area, that the convoy assaulted the Russian controlled canal with Brute force, using the 125mm cannons of the Abram's MBT's to destroy buildings and to attack infantry, which goes against the Geneva Convention. Unwavering in their resolve for violence, the Devil Dog's of 1st Squad closed in on a Russian Control center, which had been built into an abandoned construction zone. Russian forces in the area, struggled to deploy what little armor they had in the area, all of it crushed under the overwhelming firepower presented by the MFRC. The Marines proceeded to execute every Russian solider in the encampment, and fired volleys of 125mm rounds and 30mm HE rounds into the buildings, killing everyone. It's even rumored that the Officer, whom was the purpose of the raid, was executed via Hell Fire missile from a Marine controlled UAV.

While the operator's involved in the engagement risk criminal prosecution, the Command staff of the U.S Marine corps can't help but marvel at the "Get it done." attitude of the MFRC, and it's rumored that they will be receiving individual honors following the trial.




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