Do you have to unlock the executions?

everytime i go to execute a downed enemy he usually always rips there arms off or puinches them in the head, is there anything i have to do to unlock the weapon executions. thanks.


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Yes you have to get a certain number of kills with each weapon. I believe it is 200 with the starting weapons(except the snub pistol) and 40 kills with everyhting else

Ah I see thanks very much mate.

I feel stupid asking this, but how do I actually execute someone after I've gotten the unlock? I'm still doing either curb stomps or the extended beatdown, even when I'm using the retro lancer or hammerburst (weapons I've unlocked the executions for).

Usually you only have to be holding the weapon and hold Y next to a downed enemy. Try a private match and see if it works there(It still counts in private matches)

You can also do executions in campaign without having to unlock them in Horde/Verses as well.