Do you ever......

Do you ever get killed in really odd circumstances?

I'm not talking about bs deaths or lag related ...... but just strange situations.

Like running right in the middle of a group of teammates and out of nowhere you get shot and nobody else.. even runing assasin pro where you wouldnt think you'd be the one to get noticed first.


Or happen upon a gunbattle between an enemy and a teammate ( or 2 enemies in ffa) and the enemy just decides to stop shooting at the guy he was already shooting at, turn and kill you , then go back to his battle . or even die.


I get a lot of stupid stuff like that that just makes me shake my head.


I was playing demo today and when I spawned I started running , following about 40 feet behind two teammates. They ran up a small set of steps to go through a doorway. A guy comes running out the door, right between the two teammates and killed me.


I'm not complaining .... I know its still my fault. But sometiemes I just think . why me?


Its as if the last time I died that big red round "YOU' sign got stuck above my head and I'm the only one the enemy can see. And I usually run assasin and a silencer, so its not like I'm the one showingupo on radar, or attracting the most attention in any way.


Do other people have this stuff happen a lot,... or is it just me.






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Nah, it's not just you. The other day I was playing and after a quick firefight, I ran out of ammo in my primary weapon so decided to just run because I was down to a knife and a stinger. I was well around the corner and boom, I fall down dead. I watched the killcam and apparently this guy watched and learned the art of curving bullets as made famous in the sucky movie Wanted. The guy was far away so I knew he wouldn't catch me if I ran but I didn't expect magic ammo. He didn't shoot through the wall and I wasn't hurt bad enough for one bullet to kill me so I don't know exactly what happened.


This is one of the many goofy, awkward and outrageous unexplainable things that have killed me. I still enjoy the game though. Just wish if one person gets curving bullets, everyone gets curving bullets. Lol

HMMM does happen but I know I never really noticed. But the lag delay in this game is horrible. I blops no issues and for that matter inb any other cod online game.

The enemy gets three Predators in a row...all three hit me in different parts of the map as I spawn. OR as I grab a ballistic vest with a team mate standing next to me doing the same, a predator kills me but not him. I'm a predator magnet but don't worry if you're next to me...i always get killed alone.

I seem to of perfected the art of getting killed by random objects which blow up for no reason, what a way to go.

I feel your pain.

For some reason Im nearly always the first death, and its usualy by a grenade. I just seem to love running into grenades.

And predators. They are magnetised to me :S

10-4 on that. I posted something similar in my thread>

Happens to me all the time in Gears.

I tend to get hit with predator's, too. While even using the perk where you are "undetectible." Got hit once, then when I re-spawned, got hit again by same "run". Also, in Hard Hat, using same perk, I find a guy camping behind one of the pipes. I should say he found me. After watching the "kill cam", he's got his butt parked while using heat detection or whatever it is, watching his screen and I show up as a red dot on his screen. I thought this perk was un-detectable. Oh well...... Beginning to have a little fun with this game. I'm learning more and more, in each map, where the "action" is and where idiots like to camp.......

predators are mw3's rcxd of blops.   They just always seem to find me.

A guy walked right in front of me and stopped. I killed him went to theater and watched him and saw that i didnt appear to him.

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