Do You Ever Give up trying to Win a Match?

You know, if the other team gets the best position early on in a game of something like CTL, or if you fall too far behind in KOTH, etc?


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i know i do lol! but i never do, i like the chase of trying to comeback especially in TDM

Of course not, I don't care if it's 1vs20 Im still going to try.

I don't give up, but when I join a match my team probably should. :P I'm terrible at Gears, but I still try even if we're losing by a large margin, because giving up just guarantees the other team will win.

Same here. But I have left one TDM match. Was the only one playing Gears, two other human players were Locust, 50+ levels above me and bots set to casual with re-spawn set to 35. Got boring to die within 10 seconds after spawning.

Good question. I don't ever give up in any game, much to the chagrin of my friends. At the same time I know when I'm beat, especially in this game. At that time the adrenaline gets dialed down a bit, I sigh more, and just keep trooping ahead.

When I played torque bow tag for the event I went 0/0/7 for the one match that I could suffer through. I suck at the torque bow, and while I didn't "quit" throughout the I didn't give it my all. It's kind of like quitting without quitting. 

I try not to but it is hard sometimes. I tried playing CTL for a few matches last night - usually I play the other lists. On one game one team was all camped at the one-shot and my team completely camped at the other end. I kept up assaulting the one-shot campers throughout the first round even though it was hopeless and K/D disastrous. Eventually they all got bored and rushed in overtime. Next round thankfully I was Leader so I could join the campers and wait for the overtime with the rest. The next game the same thing happened again on Mercy with one team camped inside and the other at the Mortar. Wait for overtime then rush. The second round went the same way even though our leader was AWAY and standing in spawn for the entire round. My team didn't stay in spawn to protect him they all just went to their previous camping spot and the other team did the same. This seems to be how most CTL goes these days. Very boring. Another CTL game had me as leader surrounded by enemy team, repeatedly downed but not captured.  Bring back Guardian instead.

I got a TDM the other night during Gnasher weekend, and got placed on a team with one other player and 3 bots, vs. 5 level 80-ish players.  To make matters worse, the one person on my team was apparently just farming for the ribbon, since he was afk the entire time for the three matches I stayed for.


In a case like that, yeah I'll give up.  Otherwise I'll give it all I've got, even if we're not doing so hot.

not.. i still let them do some work. I remember one time that my team only had 1 player alive while the others had 5...he didn't give up and managed to kill 4 but commit the mistake of make an execution so got killed.


If I'm running solo then I accept really fast that the enemy team has a pretty good hold on power weapons and strategic points on the map. I mean if my team is decent then I'll stick it out but if its a SOS match then I'M OUT. I don't have the patience for that kind of match.

For me, it depends on the game mode and the capabilities of both teams. For instance, if its TDM based, i'll stick around regardless of the situation at hand. But objective based mode are hard to stay around for if your teammates dont go for the objective or even try to help in assist/flanking manevuers. I can hold my own pretty good in fights and generally have a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 kdr.


 Perhaps, yes, it may be asking for a bit much out of randoms, but if your gonna play an objective-based would think you'd go for the objective (such as going for the freaking hill or the leader) lol

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