Do updates effect achievements?

I recently got back into playing Sid Meirs Civilization: Revolution.
I stuck it on and it said it needed an update.
Then I thought I'd go about getting some achievements.
For the past few days I've been ticking off all the countries I haven't won with yet in the hope of getting the "difficulties mastered" achievement (which you get once you've completed the game with every single civilization.
I had to play it through 5 times.
I just finished with my final one - The Japanese, but it didn't give me the achievement.
Only the 15g's for winning as the Japanese.
I checked it again to make sure I'd definitely used all of them and I have.
What gives????
Wheres my G's???
Is this anything to do with the update??
I feel cheated.
I put in my hard work and I want my G's, man.
Anyone else had this trouble with this game or any other??? 


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Updates do not affect achievements, no.

Go to the gallery that has all the busts for all the civilisations you have beaten and check the four little squares under each one. There should be at least one little medallion for each bust.


If one is missing, then you will need to replay that civilisation to get the achievement.

Then where is my achievement???

It must have affected it.

ALSO - When I went into the game it had deleted all of my progress so far.

So - where it used to have the different types of wins highted in each difficulty - i.e. - "King - Economic, Technology, domination and Cultural" _THEY WERE NO LONGER HIGHLIGHTED.

SO - The update must have affected it.

I just checked and some of the busts aren't there, but the medallion is. (???)

You can check my achievements yourself if you don't believe me.

I have completed the game with every civilization.

Something is wrong.

I just double checked this.

It's only giving me the one's I've recently won with - Even though I already have the achievements for the other nations.

This means - The update DEFINITELY messed with my achievements.

Not cool.

Are you still using the same console as back in 2009 when you started the game? If you have changed consoles did you copy the save file to your new console?

I'm using the same console.

Same hard drive?


It's all the same.

I don't think it is anything to do with the update as there have not been any new patches since you last played.

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