Do they stack??

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Does the game track zombie kills over each play through? Each time you restart it says zero kills. If not, how the heck are you supposed to get 53k kills?! Most I got (just using the car and motorcycle) is almost 16k by the end of 3 days. Do you have to do it on the 5 or 7 day ones, how do you unlock it?

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Each playthrough starts the counter over unfortunately.  Skip everything but the car in the maintenance tunnels.  Every so many passes, head back up to the surface to replace your car.  You will need to go pretty much non-stop for the achievement.

there are a couple of box trucks down there in the tunnels, they work waaaay better than the car and last longer, can't believe no one has set you straight on this yet.....

Your kill counter resets when you start a new story playthrough, the achievement is a single-playthrough one which is stated in the achievement description. Zombie Genocider - 53,594 zombie kills.

There are many guides to this but I can give you a quick guide here:

1. Start a new game and rush through the intro and save when you are locked in the security room.
2. Ignore everything, just rush outside and head for the maintenance tunnel entrance, then get in the red car.
3. Go inside the maintenance tunnel and go right until you see a turn-in to the left, then go into it then turn at the first right, go inside the room and get the maintenance tunnel key and skateboard, machine gun etc.
4. Go back outside and drive back outside to where the car spawns, then enter the new car and drive back in.
5. This time turn left, and go up to the top and run over the large concentration of zombies, then get in the van and take a long route through zombies towards the Paradise Plaza underground section.
6. Once you're there don't get in the car, go upstairs and through the door, then save in the nearby restrooms.
7. Now go back to the maintenance tunnels and get in the cream car and drive back to the maintenance tunnel entrance and out.
8. Get in the newly spawned car and repeat steps 5-7 except instead of saving just go straight to the car and back out.
9. Amounts of zombies killed per run varies, but every 10,000 make sure to save.

Just some general information, ignore all scoops and you should get it on time, zombies will carry propane tanks, running these over in crowds will get many kills but damage your vehicles substantially.