Do the MS points still work??

I know they aren't making them anymore but there is still some out there, SO they must work on the Xbox One? Has anyone tried this??

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They should work on the xbox one, since you can enter the 25 digit code. Once redeemed they would convert to your local currency

Yes they do work but they have now made currency cards instead of Microsoft Points. Keep that in mind.

MS Points have been converted to local currency. Whatever your points costed when you bought them will be their value now.

good because Ive taxed out OR damn near maxed out my credit card on Xmas Gifts an I need some $$ for my xbox one as they will be patching up allot of stuff soon like BF4 Rent a Server, an  the ability to buy stuff on Forza 5.

I work the Electronics department for Toys R Us. We had to pull all of our Xbox MS Point cards because they refused to go through. WE only have the dollar amount ones now. Don't know if this was our company who cut the MS points out of our system, or if it was Microsoft who killed the cards.

Either way, MS point cards are a dying breed.

It should not have been on MS end. I got 1600 points from Xbox Support on twitter about two weeks ago, and they went through

Then it may be a corporate decision. I wouldn't be surprised if other retailers soon cut them off as well.