do the bonus mission codes for farcry 2 disable achievements?

on,i found bonus mission codes i can enter. i am not sure if these codes will disable achievements or not.  firefox won't let me copy and paste the link to gamefaqs or copy and paste the codes on here for some reason. here are a couple of the codes i am talking about:

unlock 4 extra missions 6aPHuswe

unlock 6 bonus missions Cr34ufrE

do these codes disable achievements? i would like to know before i use them.


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I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to bet that they do not disable them. Why would they??

Typically, cheat codes disable achievements. Not mission codes.

i was not sure if these codes are considered cheat codes or not. just want to be sure i don't mess up getting the achievements.

From what I've read they won't disable achievements. They're not considered cheats at all, as far as the x360a achievement guide for the game goes.

They sare bonus missions no cheats so you don't need to worry about the achievements. I always use 4 or 5 bonus missions  when i do play the game and everything work fine.

Immortal, here are some more code for FC2, if you're interested.  And no, I don't know if they'll disable the achievements or not.

thanks for the info every one. and thanks for the codes chickinonachain. i will put them in.