do the bars actually mean anything anymore?

is any one able to confirm if the signal bars mean anything at all these days in this game?

4 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars doesn't seem to make any difference.

I'll have 4 get owned by some one with 3, I'll have 3 get owned by some one with 4 are matched bar.  Also when watching the bars in general accross all players they will fluctuate significantly at times over the course of the games.

Addtionally since the last update games seem very unbalanced. You either seem to be on a team that gets owned or your the team doing the owning? could this be they tweaked the lag compo or something and if your on the same team as the host your getting an advantage or the opposite way round - non host team getting an advantage?

enjoying this game but it is half frustrating at time with the shear inconsistancy at times


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If lag compensation were still true I would have owned with my two bars earlier... instead... I kept getting one shotted for every five hitmarkers. I even started rage sniping and got 2 hitmarkers on the same guy. So yeah something is up. I had a great connection all night, sun comes up...nada

i'm confused now.... why did my post get posted as you posting this... Are you seeing this.... I think the weather seriously messed up my internets.

Honestly 3 & 4 bars don't seem to make a differnce. Earlier I was playing with some guy with a really cheap and crappy connection he had 1-2 bars while I had 4 and he was almost unkillable which was extremely annoying. I still think lag compensation is in place because the only way the game is balanced is if everyone has a decent connection and the host has no lag.

Just played a couple more games, constant 4 bar along with the majority of the other team. Yet was still having plenty of wtf moments and watching kill cams back where on my screen I emptied half a clip out into some 1 only for it to show me standing there doing nothing or shooting into space.

Really am starting to get confused, actually more confused. actually contemplating ringing my isp and asking them to take me off the gamer profile on my line  to see what happens then

>people who still believe the kill cam is actually what happened.

I dont think that all these forums that are stating these numerous problems can be blamed on the company anymore. We the gamers keep buying these yearly releases, and it seems that the company is really all about the money more than it has ever been. Ive scanned wiki for any info on iw or sledgehammer on improvements or update help. Not that there not aware of problems....they think that there "helping" the online community by listening to the majority of the whiners...i.e "the shotguns need more balnce" instead of looking at the overall problems. but they have already collected your 65 for the game...and the 60 for elite. I think the problem has that this company has gotten way to greedy and big for itself. the only thing thats going to prove anything to any game company is their wallets getting thin. theyve made a billion dollars on us...god forbid they give some back in upgrading servers or giving us the content that weve been charged for in a timely manner.(look at wiki for map pack dlcs there spanning most of the descent dlc till later year. I for one am close to moving on to a different set of games. the only way they will fix if a strike is done by gamers to show them that this is unacceptable comes to. And honestly this isnt going to happen. by the time they come out with the next COD(almost always christmas lol) us dumb gamers will forget about these mw3 problems and move onto the next one....spending more money. so lets get back online and hitmarker and disconnect until christmas.....their not going to do much to iron out any bugs.

I'm sorry, KyleB, but the Kill Cam is accurate. The KC reflects what the host connection saw.



Man o  man.

i want a refund

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