Do Stats Help or Hurt?

Personally, I love the fact that I can review stats but there are a fair amount of players out there that don't share my enthusiasm.  I got into a debate with a good friend of mine this past weekend over whether or not stats have a good effect on gamers.  He was of the opinion that they've caused more problems than anything.  His reasoning was sound.  He felt that players that play for statistical gain are no longer playing for the love of a game but rather for recognition of some sort.  Be it with friends, school mates or just in general, getting your name up there on the leaderboards.  These people do not play for fun.  I disagreed.  I find tracking my stats to be informative and that just adds to my experience as a whole.  His point, "It makes us too competitive. We cease having fun and we engage in the serious behavior of competition.  It becomes more about getting better and improving than it is about enjoying the game."  My counter, "Improving is fun to me, how can I improve if I don't know where I'm lacking.  He forced me to see an obvious truth and that is... "we all know what we're bad at whether we want to admit it or not."  Okay.. point taken but for some of us, it's not as simple as that.  Some folks, myself included, have a desire to be good at the things they do.  Not necessarily gaming but rather... in everything we do.  It's called pride.  He laughed at me.  Taking pride in video games Strunk??  Really??  Okay...okay... I know it sounds strange coming from somebody, let alone a middle aged man but the truth is, "yes" I do take some pride in my performance online.  I'm into it.  I fail to see how that's not fun though.  I enjoy myself whole heartedly.  Then he asked me how I felt when I lost... was that a fun experience?  Naturally, my answer was no.  He said, "see...." See what??  Nobody likes to lose.  Then he asked me if it didn't affect my stats would I feel the same about the loss.  My gut instinct was to say, "of course" but I thought about it... and I don't know.  I don't really care about my stats in the sense that I'm not out to impress anybody but I do care about them as a tool to mark my own improvement.  I don't use them to judge others as so many other players do.  That's when he slapped the table, "See, right there....use them to judge others. How do you think that impacts a younger player??"  "Do you think that behavior has the same impact on a young person who's not gaming but rather... just going out for a school sport?"  How many kids hate gym because they can't run fast or play sports well?  You remember those kids in Gym Strunk... the ones that always sat on the bleachers while we played basketball.  "Yeah", I said.  "That's the mindset being fostered here", he replies.

Now, I have to add that I disagree with him but his logic is sound.  I'm not going to type out the entire debate as I can recall it but you get the gist of what we were going on about.  He's basically saying that a competitive environment isn't the most friendly and really shouldn't be involved in gaming, stats make players care more about the outcome of a match rather than the people we are playing with.  My stance is that it's a natural accurance in games that nobody can control.  There has to be a winner and a loser and that stats don't make players aggressive towards others.   

Funny thing is, even though I didn't agree with him, he wasn't wrong, he made some very valid points.  A players mindset is influenced by EVERY aspect of the game.  Stats are included.  So what do you think?  Do stats affect the way you play?  Do you judge others by those little numbers next to their name?   


P.S.  Sorry about the wall of text, for some reason i can't seem to make a paragraph to save my life.... I hate these new forums.  I really do.


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Great topic.

I tend to see favor in both arguments.  

I think that stats are beneficial in that they give the player something to shoot for.  Stats are a means of the developer or whatever-you-call-it, adding playability and longevity to the game.  For example, I abuse the crap out of my Xbox yesterday because I want to work toward the 1,000 kills to get the 15,000 CR bonus.  In a 7 day week, it roughly runs out to 142 kills per day.  If there were no stats to track this...I would be much further from that than I am now.  The stats give me a goal to shoot for.  I keep track of my Commendation stats because it gives me something to focus on and play towards.  For example, I never paid attention to the vehicles on Beachhead in Firefight.  But now that I see I only have an Iron commendation and I'm 162 kills short of a Bronze for the Vehicular commendation...I will tend to select the Beachhead map if its available.  I'll also choose Arcade Firefight as opposed to FRG or Rocketfight on those maps in order to help me keep my Ghost alive longer to kill more covenant.  The point being...the stats are a positive thing in that they expand my game and the way I need to play to achieve goals.  It's extending my overall experience with this game.

On the other hand, the same arguement can be for the negative too.  When people tend to go against the grain of how they normally play...often they are not as good.  What I mean by this is that a person who uses Sprint 75% of the time and Armor Lock the other 25% of the time may not be familiar with using certain Abilities.  I mean some people yesterday had no clue what they were doing with the jetpack...but every jackwagon on there was flying around.  And when you are sooooo unfamiliar with something that you cause a detriment to the team by doing something for the first time...that's where it is a negative.  When you use every single last bit of jetpack juice to go up...don't forget that you still need to come down.  And a free-fall from 1000 feet in the air with no more jetpack juice ain't gonna end pretty.  In a 48-48 game, your suicide because you don't know what to do with a jetpack is NOT forgivable.  Yet, the problem is stats have sort of compel the user to go after something and lose sight of the bigger goal.

A competitive environment to a game is a very healthy and good my opinion  The problem comes in when people play a TEAM!!!! game and forsake the team for their own specific interest.  I believe that whether it be in a video game or anywhere else in life...that competitive hunger is whats going to separate you from being an also-ran.  But again, the balance is to temper that for the greater good of the collective team.  Halo (and other games and life in general) has areas/modes where you can be as lone-wolf as you wanna be.  Fine by me.  Just don't bring your self-righteous, forsake everyone else for your own benefit in a TEAM game.  Other people want to play and enjoy the game just as much as you.



Firstly, these new Forums are f/ucking worthless, moronic 'upgrades' that have done NOTHING useful.


Secondly, my several-thousand word essay/reply was just erased for some reason.


Thirdly, yes, I do and will happily use stats to judge people. Stats are good because YOU put them up on YOUR profile YOURSELF. They allow for improvement, both for a good player to refine their play and a poor player to get better. Good topic, Strunky.


Fourthly, that was a --tragically-- brief rundown and I hate these f/ucking Forums.


Rage over, and that's the second or third time that's happened. Can't stand that crap.

Double edged sword for the most part. It can add incentive to play better or hurt you for better players looking at your stats. It all depends on the situation.

@speedy to be exact you keep saying I went -20 I went -14... and I dont care I was having fun with a friend that never plays reach with me........ and me and him had a fun time then you had to go and ruin it  ... plus he thought it was funny when I kicked you from the party so have a cake 


It depends on what you mean by "Stats." Are stats the score? If so, then yeah, they affect us all when we play if we're trying to have the highest score and win. Or are you referring to the secondary stats, like kdr, kdr + a, headshots, "Falcon Driver Kills", specific weapon kills, medals, commendations, those things?

I just want to kill lots of Covenant enemies as fast as possible with the given situation.

   I use stats like you do. They add to the fun of the game. While I don't solely concentrate on them while playing; pouring over them afterwards is a ton of fun. I don't judge others by there stats though, because in the end it's more fun to play just for fun; than to boost a number.


    That's the reason why my Win/Loss ratio is terrible. I would rather play with friends and family who are below average at the game. Examples: My sister .80 K/D, My brothers both have .60 K/D's ect. But this doesn't both me, because it's for fun.


    So, my reasoning is this: Stats that add to your personal fun are good, stats that make you play a game solely to improve them (in my opinion) are not so good.


[quote user="Goodgrl96"]

No ... I could care less about my stats as long as I get a kill I dont care now if you ask speedy stats mean everything in the world to me I do look at stats and try to improve them just like you strunky... it shows my improvement and I like them for that purpose I dont even look at other people stats unless I am helping them improve them I was looking at this one girls stats to see what she needed to play to make her stats better...... but stats dont matter as long as my team mates get at least five kills then I dont care


You'd care to if you weren't bad...


Actually, I'd hate to see how bad you do that game if you really were going for objective... god knows I can do both and still go +30!


Stats are fun, I use them to see if players are good, they aren't a perfect way to tell, but they're the closest you have without playing with them.

^Must suck man, god these new forums have issues... I thought you guys beta tested them! What the hell Microsoft!


I can't even link stuff anymore without the forum automatically deciding to put some random text with my links, making it impossible to lazy link... God these forums suck, the designer for them is the ultimate troll.

I think some people look at stats to much to judge other players...  My stats may not match those of some of you, cause I see how stats mean so much to a lot of u...  Yeah.. ure K/D is higher than mine  first off... there is no way u have time to check everyone on ure teams K/D before the match much less both teams... A lot of the time I might be laying on my side, surfing the internet, while playing which leads to a low K/D... let me sit up & play & I can easily destroy most of u... but my stats don't reflect that...I don't care about my K/D to bother with camping in the corner and not going for the objectives..

On days where the daily challenge is to get so many assist.... It leads to me dying a lot... yeah, I will eventually get all my assist if I just play all day, but I might want all my assist in 2 or 3 games... Certain daily challenges lead to many deaths & I can care less.. I have fun doing my challenges.... In objective games I score the objective.. therefor I die the most... I never have back up cause my team mates are busy playing slayer & trying to keep thier K/D up while I run in all alone..Stats are meaningless..

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