Do ratings in FUT change?

I bought NHL 11 last year and spent alot of time with Ultimate Team.  I like the fact that players on FUT dont have a contract limit as to how many games they can play (at least i dont thnk they do?), but you could get training cards that upped theyre attributes for good, not just one game.  Is that not possible in this game??


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All players have a contract # associated with them, for how many games you have left to use them before you need to extend them.  And no I dont believe you can permanently upgrade someones stats in ultimate team, just for one game.  Im glad you CANT permanently make some1 better, as Messi/Ronaldo are hard enough to deal with as it is

I suppose your right about great players getting better, but i just wish you could make younger players that are decent grow into the players they might in real life.  They had a potential limit on NHL UT and if i remember correctly, the better the player was from the jump, the less you could upgrade him.  You could take a 75 and turn him into an 83 depending on how you distributed his stats, but it cost a ton to do so, so you had to weigh the risk.  

I do however love how you can just simply keep extend the contracts on this game.  I spent alot of time and coin getting the players i wanted in NHL, then theyre contracts would be up for good and you have to start all over again in the laboring/expensive process.  Here, i can get the players i want and once you get them all on the same page chemistry wise you dont need to worry about having to do it all over again.  I do think im gonna start another FUT with my other tag tho so i can experience another nationality....ive kept them all German since thats the majority of the players i had to start with, and ive seen pretty much every German/Bundesliga League player there is out there, and noone really stands out except just a few.