Do people still play GRID and Too Human online? Is Mad Riders worth 400 MSP?

1) Race Driver GRID is pretty much the reason I'd pay for Xbox LIVE Gold again because the game itself and gamers make it completely worth it. Has the number of gamers decreased, though?


2) I've been playing Too Human's Story Mode and it's really good but co-op would be much better with a medic to heal, so is the online still available?


3) Mad Riders now costs 400 MSP, I see, though, is the game worth 400 MSP? I kinda enjoyed the trial but not too much.


Thanks for the responses.


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Well, thanks NMB, I'll still try GRID online when I receive it.


I had great fun not just by racing but also talking to people while playing it.

Not sure about the other two, but Grid is kanda dead now a days. Server numbers droped quite quick when Forza 3 was released. You may find a half empty server from time to time.


That said Grid2 is due to release next year, and Codemasters have been working on the F1 games which have a large online community & MP is quite fun but buggy.

I have 530 MSP and was looking at mad riders as well. Although DIshonored's new DLC is 400 MSP. Usually 'challenge modes' aren't my bag, but eh, it's 400 MSP and I don't have really anything else to spend it on except cheap aracde games.