Do Paragon/Renegade Levels Transfer?

Hey, just recently beat ME2 on my first play through and I have a quick question. Does my current Paragon/Renegade levels transfer to the new save (on a second play through of ME2, NOT ME3)? OR do I need to start from scratch?

Also, I'm torn about whether to get Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi's Stolen Memory. Unfortunately, I can't get both, so I'm looking for the better one/wichever will have a better impact in ME3.



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iirc your P/R gets reset. If you can only afford one I'd go with Shadow Broker, although Kasumi is good also...

Yes it is a shame you can't get both. But if i had to choose, it would be the Shadow Broker DLC.

just one more question. I heard (awhile ago, so IDK if true) that one of your squad members gets killed off in LOTSB. If so, I have no problem killing off Jack (lol). Thanks for the replies, guys!

^^not true :)